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Top Intern is a spin-off of Topview Consulting & Trading Ltd., which is a professional knowledge service company whose primary focus for the past 15 years has been to help foreign companies enter and grow in the Chinese market.

Top Intern

Only the best interns

Our global network of leading universities allows us to attract the most promising young talent, representing a variety of fields.

Our target areas include universities throughout the United States, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand; meanwhile, we are also expanding into a new market: South America. Our extensive university network gives us access to the top talent, representing a variety of fields.

Our services also cater to recent graduates and other young professionals with several years of professional work experience. These individuals likely will be more inclined to accept official job offers under the right circumstances.

A native or fluency level of the English language

Proof of academic excellence and/or professional work achievement

A firm understanding of respective field of expertise

Self motivated, diligent and resourceful

Willingness to be flexible and open-minded

Intern criteria

Significant values to universities

In order to provide the best interns possible, we have developed close ties with numerous universities. One of our efforts in this regard is to sponsor the 1+5 Scholarship Program. To be specific, we will partner with 10 of the world’s leading universities to grant, on a competitive basis, one free, two-month internship and five discounted placements with our best company partners, based on the winners’ fields of expertise. Furthermore, we will instantly have gained thousands of CVs from other qualified interns studying in these institutions.

Top university talent from around the world

The most fundamental reason a company prospers and develops is that it possesses a culture that encourages new ideas through diversity. Foreign interns play a crucial part in reinforcing such a culture. As they come from quite different educational and social backgrounds, they can contribute unique thinking that provokes valuable discussions and exchanges within a team, thus promoting business excellence.

Increase dynamism: creativity and diversity

China’s increasing openness with the outside world has brought ever-more attention, bolstering the country’s business potential. No one wants to miss the opportunity to grow and expand through the cooperation with their foreign counterparts. Foreign interns will help to boost your company’s international recognition and cultural insight, thus granting you a deeper understanding of foreign partners’ needs and the tools required to meet those needs, thereby optimizing your company’s business performance and credibility.

Optimize cross-cultural communications

We believe that a tailored service delivers the best result. That is why we take various measures to find the most suitable interns for our partners. Interested program applicants will be screened and will need to undergo several rounds of rigorous reviews and an interview before being recommended to an employer. During this process, we will develop a comprehensive analysis of your job requirements and how they apply to the candidate’s profile. Our aim is to ensure that you receive an intern who has the right mixture of knowledge and skills, as well as meets the other specific needs of your company.  This, in turn, assures that the intern has a successful and beneficial internship experience.

Strict selection ensures the most suitable intern

We will facilitate the recruiting process of our partners as much as possible, and cover all of the details so you don’t have to. We will save you the trouble of providing visa support, orientation guidance, accommodation arrangement, etc. Just tell Top Intern what type of talent you want, and leave all the rest to us!

Save efforts on visas and logistics


Building your global vision