Italy-China High-tech Cooperation Forum


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Italy-China High-tech Cooperation Forum

Time: July 6-7, 2005

Venue: The St. Regis Hotel, Beijing

Conference scale: 300 attendees

Italy-China High-tech Cooperation Forum was a large forum funded by Italian Government for the future cooperation between Italy and China in the fields of Biotechnology, Telecom and IT. In addition to a high-level conference, Topview organized a one-on-one business match-making workshop for Italian company representatives to meet their potential business partners from Chinese ICT and biotech industries.

Key Speakers:

  Chairman, Italian National Committee for Biosecurity and Biotechnology

  General Director, Federcomin, Italy

  General Manager, Institute for Communication and Information Technologies, Ministry of Transport

Key Topics:

  Development Trends in the Biotechnology Sector in Italy

  New Information and Communication Technologies as A Competitive Factor

  Prospects for Cooperation in the Multimedia Sector

  Television Broadcasting and Data Broadcasting in Italy

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