Design, development, and implementation of cross-border collaboration projects under a variety of frameworks and with a dynamic array of international partners and beneficiaries.

Conducted largely through the resources of our sister company, Beijing Software Enterprise Advisory Center (BSEAC), Topview has established itself as a leading player in implementing EC-funded cooperation projects in China, with numerous past and ongoing projects in various frameworks, including: e-EU-China; EC-Bridge; National IST Chinese Contact Point (Ni Hao); Future Actions and IT Investment Returns (FASSBINDER); Embedded Software Quality Assurance and Testing (ESQAT); Collaboration @ Rural (C@R); Openchina-ICT, etc.

In international cooperation projects, Topview/BSEAC plays a key role in acting as a communication bridge between foreign and Chinese governmental and industrial partners. Here its lead functions rest in executing broad-based, multi-level awareness campaigns, coordinating the dissemination and networking efforts of international projects and partners in China, in addition to conducting both macro and micro level research and project development across all levels of China’s social, economic and technological landscape.

To develop a concrete EU-China ICT Cooperation Strategy to provide the necessary framework for strengthening European ICT research cooperation with China, in order to encourage creative and innovative technologies together for the future.

National IST Chinese Contact: To promote European IST research activity and policies, and create a national IST contact point in China.

Promoting introduction of Collaborative Work Environments as key catalysers of sustainable development of rural areas.

Future Actions on Software and Services Based on Market Analysis of Market Evolution, Effects of International Factors, and Return on European Research Investment: Consolidating IT/Software market data, producing strategies and reports for partnered companies and governmental bodies in the EU, India and China.

Bilateral mobilization stimulating debates and cooperation on eLogistics and eCollaboration, and Research Network and Broadband Solutions, in the context of mobile workers and user applications in the EU and China. (Chinese-European Networking Symposium).

Embedded Software Quality Assurance and Testing: Provision of Training and Technical Assistance to Chinese Software SMEs, to build common standards and guarantees.

To enhance collaboration between EU and China in the field of e-Work and e-Business and provide partnership opportunities between the EU and China.


National IST Chinese Contact Point

Collaboration @ Rural

EC Bridge

As the most active company involved in EC-funded projects, Topview/BSEAC is able to provide Chinese governments at different levels, organizations and corporations with professional coaching and facilitating services.

International Cooperation

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