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Asian-Pacific Conference on Building a Competitive Software Industry

Time: June 28-29, 2005

Venue: Grand Hyatt Hotel, Beijing

Conference scale: 200 attendees (90 international and 110 Chinese)

Asian-Pacific Conference on Building a Competitive Software Industry


Asian-Pacific Conference on Building a Competitive Software Industry, the inaugural APAC software conference on Strategies for Building a Competitive Software Industry was jointly hosted by Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), China Software Industry Association, Beijing Software Industry Association, International Intellectual Property Institute and China Federation of Information Technology Promotion.

The two-day conference was a high-level global event in Asia addressing commercial software development and procurement. Key aims were to investigate the impact of intellectual property rights and related public policy initiatives on software development and to explore the optimal partnership between industry and government.

Key Speakers:

  President and CEO, CompTIA

  Chairman, China Software Industry Association

  Chairman, International Intellectual Property Institute

  Bureau Chief, Beijing Intellectual Property Bureau

  Senior Adviser, In'tl Trade Dep't, the World Bank

  Commercial Software Initiative Director, Microsoft China

Key Topics:

  Challenges in Managing Intellectual Property in Developing Countries

  Current IPR Issues for Software Developers

  Govt. Software Investment & IP Commercialization

  The Japanese Government Role in Fostering Software Development

  Open Source Licensing and Software Development

  Case Study – Vietnams Open Source Programs

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