China IT Outsourcing Summit (CITOS)


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China IT Outsourcing Summit (CITOS)

Time: September 9-10, 2004

Venue: Nirvana Resort Beijing

Conference scale: 450 attendees (1 plenary conference + 3 parallel workshops)

China IT Outsourcing Summit (CITOS) was the highest-level conference in the field of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in China. It was the software outsourcing initiative of the People's Government of Haidian District of Beijing Municipality, where the software exports valued at 60% of China's total.

The CITOS empowered the Chinese and foreign participants with a comprehensive understanding of Chinese software development industry and its competitiveness in the global market, highlighted the best BPO practice and success cases, and thus presented a unique opportunity for Chinese and foreign companies to exchange innovative practices, far-reaching insights, and initiate first steps towards cooperation in the BPO.

Key Speakers:

  Project Director, Global Service Delivery, TPI

  Director, Beijing Science and Technology Commission

  CTO, Reuters Ltd.

  General Manager, NEC-CAS

  Director, International Activities, Atos Origin (Spain)

  Director, Fraunhofer IFF

Key Topics:

  A Strategic Buyer's View of Global Outsourcing Market

    How to Establish an Offshore Development Group

  Global IT Outsourcing Industry and Place of Beijing in the Global Picture

  Successful IT Outsourcing Strategies: A Practical Overview

  Success Story of Indian BPO Industry

  Managing Successful Offshore Projects and Relationships

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